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All Saints Church, Woodham Installation of underfloor heating project & new Nave tile flooring

Meticulous and collaborative project executed by multiple experts and advisors. Our contrition, Calacatta Stone and Ceramics laying the roughly 10,000 Nave tiles. Sussex Red and Sussex Dark, 152mm x (152mm/75mm) x 18mm, from Aldershaw Handmade Tiles Ltd. On a bed of NX Flexible Standard Set Tile Adhesive, plus around the walls a border of SECIL natural lime NHL5.

We applies the first coat of “Lithofin TC Sealant for cotto, terractotta and clay slabs” on the tiles prior to grouting with “Ardex-Flex FL Grout” Ocean Grey.

Then the Lady Chapel floor in Hanover Greige Honed Limestone, 600mm x 600mm x 15mm, from Natural Stone Consulting. Grout colour to be ‘Silver Shimmer’. Then “Lithofin Stainstop W”.

Contractors and advisors Grant Ashworth and team: CES Electrical. Adrian Brooks and team: Express Solutions Group. Andy Callin: Sound Analysts Ltd. John Clarke: John Clarke Natural Stonework. Clive Dawson: Hockley and Dawson Consulting Engineers Ltd. Kevin Diamond: Guildford Diocesan Registry. Karl Dore: K D Roofing. Michael Farley and team: Michael Farley Organ Builders Ltd. Wendy Harris: Diocesan Advisory Committee. James Hughes: The Victorian Society. Nick Hunt: A T Design. Andrew Jordan: (former) Diocesan Chancellor. Anthony Kindell, Lindy Latreille and team: Aldershaw Handmade Tiles Ltd.

Chris Kollmer and team: Jupiter Heating Systems Ltd. Sarah Khan: Roger Mears Architects LLP. Stacey Knight and team: Natural Stone Consulting Ltd. Mandy Lorenz: Architect. Tracy Manning: Church Buildings Council. Richard and Fran Matthews and team: RJM Building Contractors. Liviu Negut: Calacatta Stone and Ceramics. Ron Neil: Heating Advisor.

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