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How mixing tiles and marble create a statement bathroom

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

When it comes to mixing and matching, this is usually how it's done well! Extremely proud of this bathroom, the process and final result.

There are many different ways to mix and match tiles and once you view the options available it can be mind dazzling. Before you head out shopping for tiles, it’s a good idea to come prepared and have some thoughts on the bathroom look you are wanting to achieve.  A great place to get inspired is looking through interior magazines, reading online blogs and scrolling through the endless bathroom designs on Pinterest and Instagram. Once you have decided on your perfect bathroom style, just apply a few simple rules and you’re well on your way to creating your own bathroom blis

1. Same Colour tiles, Different Sizes

If you’re wanting to achieve a timeless bathroom design, this is the look for you.  Floors and walls are draped in the same colour tile, yet different sizes are used on the walls to break up the consistency and to create interest and intrigue.

2. Feature on the Floor, Plain on the Walls

This is an effective way to get creative with your tiles and make the floor the hero of the space.  Wall tiles are kept plain and subtle allowing the floor to shine.

3. Feature Wall Tiles

Similar to above but in reverse.  Wall tiles are the show-stopper in this bathroom style and floor tiles are kept neutral and plain in colour.

4. Go Geometric

Geometric tiles can make quite the statement in a bathroom.

5. Marble

Marble tiles create the ultimate luxurious style in your bathroom and looks effective when used on walls or together on floors and walls.  Different marble colours can also be combined.

The Process

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